Return on Creative Spend ROCS!

Feb 24th 2023

It is our perspective that our industry has for too long only focused on one half of the equation in terms of driving performance, i.e. targeting. While intuitively we all recognize a well designed creative when we see it, it is hardly something you hear about in our industry. That in our opinion has led to too often “failure by poor creative”, badly executed creative that drags an otherwise well conceived strategy down.

Our media partners have powerful contextual and audience targeting which we've seen, far too often, wasted due to poor creative executions.

To help teams demonstrate the power of creative, Aderize is pleased to introduce their ROCS calculator and share our perspective on why it is important. Well conceived and designed creative can easily double your engagement or multiply the value returned from your media spend depending on how you want to slice it.

Checkout the rocs calculator here

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